Q: Disney Quest


Q is for Disney Quest. Disney Quest is located on the West Side of Disney Springs. It is an indoor, interactive theme park that opened in 1998. The second location opened in my hometown of Chicago, but closed in 2001 due to low attendance. Disney Quest features high tech games, simulators, class arcade games, and more. It is a lot of fun for kids. I remember going to the one in Chicago when I was younger.


Sadly, Disney Quest at Disney Springs will also be closing sometime in 2016 and replaced by an NBA Experience.

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P: Pleasure Island


P is for Pleasure Island! First I would like to thank my very good friend Casey for these pictures and also apologize for the delay in getting this post up!

Pleasure Island opened in 1989 in what was originally called Downtown Disney, but is now known as Disney Springs. This was considered the place to go for nightlife in Disney World because it had nightclubs, comedy clubs, shops, restaurants, and my personal favorite, The Adventurers Club.


The ‘legend’ behind Pleasure Island is that it was owned by Merriweather Adam Pleasure, which was carried over into The Adventurers Club. New Year’s Eve was celebrated every night at midnight with fireworks and lots of dancing (and drinking). Also at Pleasure Island: 8TRAX, Adventurers Club, BET Soundstage, Comedy Warehouse, Mannequin’s Dance Palace (featuring a revolving dance floor), Motion, Rock ‘N Roll Beach Club, and lots more places that were opened/closed/replaced throughout the years.

Fun Fact: *NSYNC’s first live performance was at Pleasure Island in 1995.


The concept for Pleasure Island was that you would pay once at the gate and that would allow you access to all of the clubs. This was very successful for many years, but unfortunately the closing and dismantling of Pleasure Island started in 2008 to the dismay of many fans. The rumors are that declining attendance was the main reason for the close, but Disney states that it was due to guests wanting more family-friendly venues. Now the Pleasure Island area is being transformed into The Landings at Disney Springs. There are already several new shops and restaurants opened here and it looks like it is going to be amazing when the construction is over.


But still…I miss the entrance gates to Pleasure Island, the large Jessica Rabbit sign with the swinging leg, and hearing ‘Kungaloosh!…

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O: Osborne Lights


O is for the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. This was one of the most beloved holiday events that took place every year at Hollywood Studios. Sadly, this past Christmas season was the last for the lights due to all of the construction happening at Hollywood Studios.


The Osborne Lights came to MGM Studios (original name of Hollywood Studios) in 1995 after the Osborne family was court ordered to take down their light display because of neighbors complaints. Disney heard about it and offered to move the display to the Residential Street at MGM. The lights were then moved to Streets of America due to changes at the park. In 2006 the lights were choreographed to music, and became known as the dancing lights.


I am still a little upset with Disney for discontinuing the lights. It has been a family for tradition for us to go see the Osborne Lights every Christmas. I am hoping they will eventually bring the lights back in some capacity!

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N: Not-So-Scary Halloween Party


N is for Mickey’s Not-So Scary Halloween Party. This is a very popular event that takes place on select nights in the fall at Magic Kingdom. The 2016 dates will run from September 2 – October 31. This is a separately ticketed event, and I can honestly say that it is worth it. The decorations, parade, fireworks show, character meet-and-greets, and trick or treating is so much fun! Also, the rides for the lines are shorter because Disney limits the number of tickets sold.


Happy HalloWishes is the absolutely awesome fireworks show that follows Mickey’s Boo To You Halloween Parade. Costumes are allowed, but make sure to check out Disney’s website to see the costume guidelines.


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M: Memento Mori


M is Memento Mori, one of my new favorite stores at Disney World! This store opened up in Liberty Square near the entrance of Haunted Mansion (another favorite!). Memento Mori opened in 2014 and is themed as being the former home of Madame Leota who disappeared long ago. It has some great, great merchandise and art collectibles.


Memento mori is a Victorian-era phrase that means “to live life to the fullest as everyone is mortal.” The shop has a kind of eerie quality and there are lots of great details hidden around.


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L: Lights, Motors, Action!


L is for Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show that debuted successfully in Disneyland Paris in 2002 before being brought to Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in 2005. Sadly, the show had it’s last performance April 2, 2016. The theater is being torn down to make room the new expansions at Hollywood Studios. We are still going to honor it though because it was an amazing show!


This was a 40 minute extreme stunt show that really had you on the edge of your seat. The stuntmen, drivers, and hosts walked you through how Hollywood creates car chases and other stunt scenes. There were also a few surprises thrown in. I really enjoyed this show. I first experienced this show in Disneyland Paris and was so excited when it was brought to Disney World. I’m sad to see it go but excited for all the new things happening.

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K: Kilimanjaro Safaris


K is for Kilimanjaro Safaris! Located in Animal Kingdom, this is a great family ride where you can see all kinds of animals during your “2 week” safari. This ride is typically worth waiting in line for because the line usually keeps moving and the ride is 18 minutes long and very unique. There are over 34 different species of animals that live in this amazing, 110-acre savannah.


Disney also offers special tours that I have not done yet but have heard great things. They will also be doing night-vision tours starting soon.

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J: Jungle Cruise


J is for Jungle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom! This is a classic ride that debuted in Disneyland in 1955 and now is at almost all of the Disney parks around the world. The one at Disney World is located in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom. This is a great family ride where you get to travel down the rivers of the world and you might encounter a few surprises! Travel down the Amazon, Congo, Nile, and Mekong rivers and see the backside of water!


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I: Innoventions


I is for Innoventions at EPCOT! Located in Future World at EPCOT, Innoventions is full of interactive experiences that also provide opportunities for learning. Currently the exhibits are StormStruck where you can learn about ways to protect your home from storms, The Sum of All Thrills where you can design your own roller coaster and then ride it via a simulator, and Colortopia where you can learn all about how color affects our lives.


There used to be 2 Innoventions pavilions, but Innoventions West was closed in 2015 for a major refurbishment.

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H: House of Blues


Apologies for getting a day behind on this! H is for House of Blues Orlando! Located at the West Side of Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney), this restaurant, bar, and concert venue is such a fun place to hang out. They have live music at the outside bar and great food. I’ve attended a few concerts here over the years and House of Blues is one of my favorite concert venues in general. I love the decorations, the atmosphere, and the size.


This is also one of the few places on property that offers Happy Hour every day from 3-5pm at the outside and inside bar.

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